Red, Green and Others…
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In her performative video works, Aslı Sungu (*1975, TUR) observes everyday events between chaos and control and creates powerful moments of self-reflection through her calm visual language. In the process, she herself repeatedly appears as an actor and questions connections between private-intimate as well as social community relationships. Her most recent works increasingly show autobiographical references. Again and again, Sungu focuses on the intrinsic life of events and things as well as their inherent dynamics. 
In her video work for Musée de la Fraise, Aslı Sungu shows images of rural and urban landscapes as well as private living spaces, which she links to memories of her childhood through playful image montages. "Red, Green and Others..." shows a loop that moves between hopes and their subsequent disappointments. Through six stop-motion images, each of which is assigned a colour, Sungu addresses the effects of socio-political upheavals on people and nature. 

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